A check for air/powder leak is a recommended procedure anytime new bags are installed or as a routine maintenance procedure. Detect-A-Glow powders are highly concentrated fluorescent dyes dispersed in an inert base, engineered for optimum particle size distribution and flow properties. They are available in four specially selected colors to use individually or in complementary pairs to spot leaks and to pinpoint their sources.

Detect-A-Glow Powders

Detect-A-Glow powders are furnished with a comprehensive guide for spotting leaks, eliminating them and rechecking for leaks. The guide includes suggested quantities to use for each application.

Detect-A-Glow light features a powerful UV lamp with a visible light filter and specular aluminum reflector, mounted in a rugged 304 stainless steel housing. It is a high quality durable light for picking out hard to detect leaks.

Use of Detect-A-Glow Powders and light in conjunction with Summit's Permashield Precoat Powder is your best assurance for a successful start-up and headache-free operation for years.