Microfiber Aramids and Golden Hawk


    Microfiber Aramid Felts
  • Microfiber Aramids
    Microfiber Aramid felts feature an outer layer of fine fibers interlocked over standard size fibers. The fine fibers produce a smooth surface with exceptionally small pores that can retain particles on the surface and prevent blinding or bleed through, with no loss of throughput.

  • Golden Hawk
    Golden Hawk is engineered to combine the benefits of fine fibers and heavy duty construction in a cost effective package. Available as a 16 oz optimized blend, it offers superior retention and longer service life at a price minimally above standard grade 14 oz Aramid.

  • Golden Hawk with A/R Finish
    The combination of acid resistant and Oleophobic finishes applied to the heavy duty Golden Hawk structure give it dual protection against acids produced from sulfur in the fuel and against unburned hydrocarbons from lower grade fuels. It wins hand down in cost benefit analysis when acids or unburned hydrocarbons are present.