Golden Eagle / Golden Phoenix

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle is a high performance fabric capable of 400F continuous operating temperatures. At a robust 16 ounce construction, Golden Eagle enhances the Aramid matrix with other high temperature fibers. These fibers exhibit opposing polarities, setting up a charge differential that attracts and captures particles, accentuating the benefit derived from the fine fibers employed. In countless operations, blinding problems have been solved by switching to Golden Eagle at minimal additional cost.

Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix utilizes all the performance features innovated by Summit Filter over the years. Golden Phoenix embodies all the features of Golden Eagle and adds a few of its own. Using a 16 ounce mixture of fibers with opposite polarities to set up a charged field, it employs a multi-layer approach in its construction. It uses fibers with 35% finer cross-section and blends them into a series of cascading gradients. When the abrasive nature of the dust precludes use of a PTFE membrane, Golden Phoenix is the clear choice for exceptional retention. Golden Phoenix A/R offers dual protection against acids or unburned hydrocarbons.