Summit's range of standard filter media includes:

  • Nomex: Available in weights from 14 to 18 oz., Nomex is a low cost solution for temperatures upto 400F continuous.

  • PPS (Procon, Torcon): At oxygen levels up to15% and below 375F, PPS is the fabric of choice when acids or alkali are present.

  • P-84: The unique trilobal fiber structure makes P-84 a highly efficient filter fabric at temperatures up to 465F.

  • Fiberglass: Available as woven or felted, in weights from 10 to 27 ounces, fiberglass can handle continuous temperatures to 550F.

  • PTFE (Teflon): The ultimate fabric at a cost, good to 550F continuous, in felts or wovens and with UNIPORE membrane.

Summit also offers a host of other unique high temperature fabrics for filtration problems at temperatures to 400F (see What's New).